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A reliable supply of hot water can be only appreciated truly when it has stopped. And if it stopped when you need to take a quick shower or you are in the shower, it can seriously affect you. That is why a reliable hot water system is a must for every home. But a hot water system emulates up to 20-25% of the total household energy.

It is important to choose the best hot water system for home, family, and style of living. Before picking the right one, need to answers of the following questions:

•                    What kind of energy source is available or applicable easily in your space?

•                    What kind of hot water service suits you? (instantaneous/continuous flow or storage type)

•                    What type of climatic situations do you live in?

•                    How much space available in your home, the number of family members and the quantity of water they use?

•                    What might be the installation cost and running expenses?

•                    How environmental friendly is your hot water system?

Using electricity or natural gas, as fuel for hot water is the question you need to ask yourself. But both the options have their pros and cons that collectively affect the total performance of any system.

Here, it is an obligation free estimate for you to choose the most suitable option with more satisfaction and trust.


Gas hot water systems is an economically better option specifically if you have gas installed in your house. As there is no variation in gas rates throughout the day, it can be used at any time when there is a need.

The gas hot water system has a star rating for its energy efficiency. Its energy efficiency is about 90%.

Ignition System:
These have a pilot light with very little gas consumption, although electric ignition considers more economical. It keeps working during blackout/power outage.

It needs proper ventilation therefore installed outdoor mostly but with a flue can be installed easily indoor also.

LPG bottles can be another option for natural gas, but it can be a more expensive option in regard to running, and it certainly isn’t as convenient as gas piped directly to your residence.

 An electrical hot water system is relatively affordable to buy and install but it is an expensive option to run due to the varied electricity rates (full day rate).

It has an efficiency of about 60-70% with no/low star ratings.

Ignition system:
An electrical ignition system is more affordable but it stops working during the blackout.

It can be easily installed anywhere outside or inside the house.

The perfect option:
There is no single option to choose between an electric or gas hot water system, but it depends upon many factors including family size, hot water usage timings and requirements of hot water (dishwashing, clothes washing, long showers, etc.) If you are unsure, then give Shane at Fix Your Plumbing a call and we can advise you as to the best option for your application.

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